of Worship and Watermelon

where God, Creativity, and Health collide

Living a life of Worship and Watermelon!

Why worship and watermelon? Easy… they both bring me joy.

Too simple? Let me explain.

My life consists of trying to build my house spiritually and physically. Worship is my primary tool to help build my spiritual house. Nothing invites God into a situation faster than worshiping Him. I do my best to live my life in a constant state of worship. At times that means putting on some music and singing at the top of my lungs. Or it can be simply looking at the beauty of a tree, or the emerging wrinkles on my face and thanking God for all He has given me. It can also mean turning to God before anything else when unexpected pain or anger or frustration invades my life. This is how I try to build my spiritual house. It doesn’t require hammers, screw drivers, or any man-made tool that I can use; it requires focusing my attention on God and God alone.

As for my physical house, well, that requires some work on my part. I spent many years addicted to food. I used it to cope when I was sad, or scared, or anxious, or happy, or bored, or… you get the point. Food was my go-to solution for every emotion life would bring me. I am humbled to say that through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, I have over come that addiction, but years of abuse has left my physical house a bit of a fixer-upper. I am re-learning how to eat, and how to care for my body, and watermelon represents all that is good in this area. Watermelon is refreshing, sweet, bright, beautiful, good for me, and it reminds me to see the joy in life.

Now you know why I call this site of Worship and Watermelon. I hope you join me as I share my experience while trying to build my house. I can’t promise lots of answers, but maybe just a little insight and the knowledge that you are not alone.

My name is Mary Grace. I am living a life of Worship and Watermelon.