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Save the Bees!

I see this phrase everywhere, and I stand with those that fight for our bees. Bees are vital to the beauty and vegetation all around us. More importantly, they are necessary for the food that we grow.

Recently as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a picture of a bumble bee, reminding me that we need to preserve our bees. As I paused and looked at that busy little insect hard at work, I marveled at what a bee can accomplish in a single day. By flying from flower to flower it spreads pollen all around, ensuring life and reproduction to the plants it encounters.

There is a lot we can learn from the bee. As Christians we need to get busy as a bee and spread the gospel all around us. We don’t need a platform or a giant audience. All we need is the environment in which we live our daily life. Just like the bee spreads the pollen from flower to flower, we can spread the good news of Jesus Christ to each person we encounter. We can bring life to the people in our environment, and in turn those people can bring life to the people in theirs. This reproduction of the life giving gospel can change the world, but we need to get busy. The bee doesn’t rest. The bee doesn’t say he is too tired today. The bee doesn’t binge-watch Netflix and put off the work until tomorrow. Nope… each morning he leaves his hive and gets to work. When he returns home in the evening, he carries with him the pollen and nectar necessary to maintain the hive. And he doesn’t complain about his position in life. He doesn’t wish that he was a queen bee, or that his job as a worker bee was different. He simply works.

How beautiful would my life be if I remembered that daily? Be like the bee. What if I could treat the church – the building – like the hive, and spend my time outside of the building working for God, pollinating my world? I want to remember that the hive is not what creates life, it is simply what houses and nourishes the bees.

This thought process was a reminder that church doesn’t only happen on Sunday. There is an entire week for me to BE the church, not merely dwell in it. Just as the hive cannot sustain itself without the bees putting in the work, the church building will not survive without the church people sharing Jesus with the world.

Mark 16:15  Then He (Jesus) said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.

I pray this week God will reveal opportunities for all of us to be the church to the world around us. May the Holy Spirit fill us with boldness to spread the gospel, and the words to say in each moment.

I’m ready to ‘Bee’ the Church… How about you?

Be blessed!



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