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Being a mom is difficult and, at times, devastatingly lonely.

For all the moms out there who are still in the trenches, please remember you are not alone! Lean on your sisters and let us help you in the battle of motherhood. We are here for you: to pray with you, to speak words of wisdom, to make you laugh in the chaos.

And for those moms out there (like me) whose children are grown, reach out to a mom who is still on the battlefield. Hold up her arms as the war for her home and her children is waged right before her eyes. (Exodus 17: 9-13) She may not even know how to ask you, so offer your love and support without being asked. She needs us to remind her she is not alone.

Below is a poem I wrote especially for those still in the battle on this Mother’s Day. I understand… I have been there. And my prayer for you is that you will never feel alone and you will remember that God’s Mercies never end, they are new every morning, and you can put your hope in Him. (Lamentations 3: 22-24)

Standing Trial     

vintage style bathroom mirrors  floor tiles designs for living room wall mount bathroom sink faucet

Door locks behind for the mirror to mock.
Darkness outside strips away the smile.
White knuckled grips on the sink, taking stock;
All failures of day now standing trial.

Dark-circled eyes dropping tears down the face
reflected in glass; the guilt has begun.
Harsh words,  impatience – the facts of the case.
Defendant and judge all wrapped up in one

Small faces of angels asleep in bed
with pillows still damp from cries of remorse
No stories or songs or prayers have been said,
leaving heartache unleashed to run its course.
An exhaled sigh starts restoring the calm.
New Mercies arrive with the sun for Mom.

© 2018 Mary Grace Sepik

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